This Privacy Policy affirms on how our company maintains and discloses from the gathered information from our users (you) of our company. This policy is only be seen on our websites where we put our available products and services in our company.

What Personal Identification Information does our company gather?

Generally, we gather personal identification information such as; our customer’s full name residential and commercial address, e-mail address, personal and business contact numbers, and even credit card details.

If you wish to pay through credit card, we will request our customer’s credit card information. Also, we collect your Social Security number or any similar details especially when you ask for financing. We also request for other related information such as company details, age, gender, and additional similar information. These pieces of information are to be required and can be answered voluntary or mandatory.

Why our company gathers this personal identification information?

Our general aim why we request for this information is to be utilized in different settlements such as;

  • To be used on our website
  • When placing an order or any services available
  • When asking for price quotations, inquiries and customer services
  • When you want to engage with our current surveys and promotional activities
  • When you wish to apply for a job or submitting a resume
  • When you want to receive newsletters
  • When you need to contact us

Our company doesn’t request for any confidential information. We gather this necessary information to give you an efficient and hassle-free website transaction. You can assure that every piece of information that we have are secured and protected.

What is the Non-personal information we usually collect?

In our company, we also request for non-personal information about our user (you). This non-personal information can be like your browser name, computer specifications, your internet, and other similar information.

Do we use cookies?

Aside from the browser’s name and other information related to your computer, we also request information such as access time, IP address, and cookies. Certain browsers automatically run cookies, but most of the browser will let you choose between “accept” or “decline.” Once you accept using cookies, our company can determine on what links you’ve clicked. We can also identify all your searches on our website. If you turn to decline cookies, you cannot be able to logged-in and view the features of the site completely.

Third Party Relations

Our company also utilize and allow third parties. It can be in the form of advertising companies, access providers, ad networks and other similar companies. All of our authorized third parties can be viewed or appear on our website. However, these third-parties have also cookies, and they also have their respective privacy policy. In connection to this, our company has no liability with their website activities. Hence, you can still inform us through feedbacks about these connected websites.

How we utilize the collected information?

All collected information is used to:

  • Effectively provide all your requested products and services
  • Contact you about the information of a specific product or service, the status of the delivery and for product promotion
  • Determine your experience with our services and products
  • Inform you about our updated terms and condition of sale or any sale documentation
  • Prevent fraud and other illegal activities
  • Secure and protect our website

Does our company impart any information with other parties?

Our company doesn’t sell, share or transport any relevant personal information with other parties. These other parties don’t appear on our website or even included on the third parties. Technically, our third parties agree that every gathered information are well secured and will remain confidential to other parties. We can also reveal necessary pieces of information provided that it is subjected to the law and in protecting our company’s safety and rights.

How does our company secure your personal and non-personal details?

Our company pledge that we will do our best in protecting and securing all gathered pieces of information from our users or customers. We primarily utilize different security innovation that can defend and protect your data from the risk of fraud, a leak of information and authorized access. With all of our capabilities, we will try our best to protect your information, but we cannot state that each detail you enter will always be in private.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Our company actively follows the policy COPPA or Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. In this law, it states that any firm or company cannot get or attain any personal information with children ages 13 years old and below.

Changes of Privacy Policy

Our company has the right to update or revise this privacy policy at any time. If you want to determine if a privacy policy has undergone revisions or update, you can check the date at the bottom of this page. We recommend you to read this part of our website before making any activity to our site.

Accepting our Privacy Policy

By utilizing or viewing our site, it indicates that you fully accept our privacy policy.

Contact us

For more questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you can call us through our hotlines posted.